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Other CS Ed Blogs

Contact me to have your blog, or a blog you like, added here. Currently these are in no particular order…

Mark Guzdial – Computing Education Blog

Neil Brown – Academic Computing

Amy Ko – Bits and Behaviour

Amber Settle – Technology Education and Me

Alfred Thompson – Computer Science Teacher *

Greg Wilson – Third Bit

Shriram Krishnamurthi – Parenthetically Speaking

Tom Crick – Computing: The Science of Nearly Everything **

Linda McIver – Compute It Simple

Elizabeth Patitsas – Feminist Computer Science Education

Lauren Margulieux – LEET Blog

Janet Davis – Counting From Zero

Mike Zamansky – C’est la Z

Wouter Groeneveld – Brain Baking: Tech Blog

Philip Guo – Articles

Katrina Falkner – Learning and Teaching within the School of Computer Science, University of Adelaide

Felienne – Programming and Education and Programming Education

Garth’s CS Education Blog

Cait Sydney Pickens – Computing Education (a research blog about computer science education)

Sanjay Goel – Engineering & Computing Education: Reflections and Ideation

Michael Kölling – Programming Education Blog

Emilie Barnard – Emilie.edu

Austin Bart

Doug Bergman – innovativeteacher.org

Sam Rebelsky – SamR’s Assorted Musings and Rants

Tomas Petricek

Christopher Douce – Chris Douce’s blog

Daphne Miedema – Database Interaction and Education Research

Mark Lewis – Dynamics of Programming: Blogspot and Medium

Communications of the ACM blog

Blog rolls, lists, etc.

* Alfred Thompson also has a nice Computer Science Education Blog Roll (I haven’t repeated anything there here)

** Tom Crick also has an excellent post: A Set of Top Computer Science Education Blogs where many more can be found. Don’t forget to check the comments on that post as well.

Other blogs, not dedicated to computing, that sometimes feature CS Ed

Duncan Hull – O’Really?

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