CS Ed Info

This page contains links to a few sites where you can find out more about Computer Science Education (CS Ed), which is also called Computing Education Research (CER), Computer Science Education Research (CSER), and other names (see a good post by Mark Guzdial here on the naming crisis).

  • SIGCSE – The ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education
  • Andy Ko has a great page here which answers the following questions and more:
    • What is computing education research?
    • What are the overarching research questions in CER?
    • What are some exciting CER discoveries?
    • What kinds of jobs do computing education researchers do?
    • How do I become a CER researcher?
    • Where can I get a Ph.D. in CER?
    • Can I get funding to do CER?
    • What do I need to know to be a successful computing education researcher?
    • What conferences and journals publish CER?
  • Don’t forget to see the list of CER blogs here.