SIGCSE Best Paper Award! Investigating the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Computing Students’ Sense of Belonging

Along with my co-author and colleague Catherine Mooney I am super proud to have won one of the Best Paper Awards in the Computing Education Research Track at the 2021 SIGCSE Technical Symposium. The full list of best papers is here in the proceedings welcome, and below (with direct links). You can access our paper open-access here: In total this year there were 554 papers submitted and 170 accepted for an acceptance rate of 31%. Congrats to all of the other award winning papers!

Best Papers for Computing Education Research

  1. Real Talk: Saturated Sites of Violence in CS Education. Yolanda A. Rankin, Florida State University; Jakita O. Thomas, Auburn University; Sheena Erete, DePaul University
  2. Investigating the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Computing Students’ Sense of Belonging. Catherine Mooney, University College Dublin; Brett A. Becker, University College Dublin
  3. Superficial Code-guise: Investigating the Impact of Surface Feature Changes on Students’ Programming Question Scores. Max Fowler, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Craig Zilles, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Best Papers for Experience Reports and Tools

  1. How a Remote Video Game Coding Camp Improved Autistic College Students’ Self-Efficacy in Communication. Andrew Begel, Microsoft Research; James Dominic, Clemson University; Conner Phillis, KeyMark, Inc.; Thomas Beeson, Clemson University; Paige Rodeghero, Clemson University
  2. Inside the Mind of a CS Undergraduate TA: A Firsthand Account of Undergraduate Peer Tutoring in Computer Labs. Julia M. Markel, UC San Diego; Philip J. Guo, UC San Diego
  3. Understanding Immersive Research Experiences that Build Community, Equity, and Inclusion. Audrey Rorrer, UNC Charlotte; Breauna Spencer, University of California, Irvine; Sloan Davis, Google; Sepi Hejazi Moghadam, Google; Deborah Holmes, UNC Charlotte; Cori Grainger, Google

Best Papers for Positions and Curriculum Initiatives

  1. Creating a Multifarious Cyber Science Major. Raymond W. Blaine, U.S. Military Academy; Jean R. S. Blair, U.S. Military Academy; Christa M. Chewar, U.S. Military Academy; Rob Harrison, U.S. Military Academy; James J. Raftery, U.S. Military Academy; Edward Sobiesk, U.S. Military Academy
  2. Confronting Inequities in Computer Science Education: A Case for Critical Theory. Aleata Hubbard Cheuoua, WestEd
  3. Developing an Interdisciplinary Data Science Program. Mariam Salloum, University of California, Riverside; Daniel Jeske, University of California, Riverside; Wenxiu Ma, University of California, Riverside; Vagelis Papalexakis, University of California, Riverside; Christian Shelton, University of California, Riverside; Vassilis Tsotras, University of California, Riverside; Shuheng Zhou, University of California, Riverside

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