ACM CompEd daily update 1: Day 1

Today was the first full day of ACM CompEd (yesterday is here). For yesterday’s installment on pre-conference events, see here. The day started with program co-chairs Steve Cooper and Andrew Luxton-Reilly opening the conference with SIGCSE chair Amber Settle.

We then had a fantastic keynote delivered by Paul Denny titled Four Million Questions and a Few Answers: Lessons From Research on Student-Generated Resources.

We then took a brief trip outside for a  group photo of many (but unfortunately not quite all) of the conference attendees. We should do this at the 2020 SIGCSE Technical Symposium.

Then it was time for some paper presentations! Reminder – all papers are available in the CompEd proceedings in the ACM Digital Library. The first parallel sessions were:

Session A: Student Experiences

    • Comparison of Learning Programming Between Interactive Computer Tutors and Human Teachers. Ruiqi Shen, Donghee Yvette Wohn, Michael J. Lee
    • CodeSport: Increasing Participation in Programming Using Coding Tournaments as an Alternative to Hackathons. Michael J. Lee, James Geller

Session B: Curriculum

    • Five Years of Graduate CS Education Online and at Scale. David A. Joyner, Charles Isbell, Thad Starner, Ashok Goel
    • Undergraduate CS Curricula in the U.S. and China: Comparison Using a Selected Set of Data. Xiannong Meng, Jianming Deng

Session C: CS1 Observations Part 1

    • Quantification of the Effects of Prior Knowledge in Entry-Level Programming Courses. David Smith, Qiang Hao, Filip Jagodzinski, Yan Liu, Vishal Gupta
    • Developing Feedback Analytics: Discovering Feedback Patterns in an Introductory Course. Richard Glassey

At this point everyone was hungry, and luckily it was lunch time. After lunch we went straight back to more parallel sessions

Session A: Pre-college Part 1

    • LP based Integration of Computing and Science Education in middle schools. Yuanlin Zhang, Jianlan Wang, Fox Bolduc, William G Murray
    • Computability and Algorithmic Complexity Questions in Secondary Education. Rafael Del Vado Vírseda
    • CEO: A Triangulated Evaluation Of A Modeling-Based CT-Infused CS Activity For Non-CS Middle Grade Students. Nicholas Lytle, Veronica Catete, Yihuan Dong, Danielle Boulden, Bita Akram, Jennifer Houchins, Tiffany Barnes and Eric Wiebe

Session B: CS1 from problem to code

    • An Exploration of Cognitive Switching in Writing Code. Ilenia Fronza, Arto Hellas, Petri Ihantola, Tommi Mikkonen
    • Answering the Correct Question. Michelle Craig, Andrew Petersen, Jennifer Campbell
    • Translation from Problem to Code in Seven Steps. Andrew D. Hilton, Genevieve M. Lipp, Susan H. Rodger

Then it was time for some coffee during the hour-long poster and networking session which was very rewarding and enjoyable.

Then, the final parallel sessions of the day.

Session A: Tools for students

    • IneqDetect: A Visual Analytics System to Detect Conversational Inequality and Support Reflection during Active Learning. Stephen MacNeil, Kyle Kiefer, Brian Thompson, Dev Takle, Celine Latulipe
    • Combining Analogies and Virtual Reality for Active and Visual Object-Oriented Programming. Tevita Tanielu, Raymond ‘Akau’Ola, Elliot Varoy, Nasser Giacaman
    • VUC: Visualizing Daily Video Utilization to Promote Student Engagement in Online Distance Education. Huan He, Bo Dong, Qinghua Zheng, Guobin Li

Session B: CS1 practice

    • Does Creating Programming Assignments with Tests Lead to Improved Performance in Writing Unit Tests? Vilma Kangas, Nea Pirttinen, Henrik Nygren, Juho Leinonen, Arto Hellas
    • The Relationship Between Voluntary Practice of Short Programming Exercises and Exam Performance. Stephen Edwards, Krishnan P. Murali, Ayaan Kazerouni
    • Mnemonic Variable Names in Parsons Puzzles. Amruth N. Kumar

Session C: Panel

    • Perspectives on Global Bachelor Computing Education.  John Impagliazzo, Brett A. Becker, Alison Clear, Ernesto Cuadros-Vargas, Xiaoyong Du, Abhijat Vichare

At this point we had worked up quite an appetite and headed for the conference dinner.

On the way back to the hotel after dinner we discovered this absolutely massive poster with all of the keynotes from ACM TURC, the conference that CompEd is co-locating with. If you look closely you can see Paul Denny, Amber Settle and Susan Rodger up there along with several Turing Award Laureates. Go SIGCSE! I decided to throw myself into the frame just to show the scale!

Next week I’ll post the higher resolution photos. Right now for reasons that would bore you, I’m working with screenshots :). Onward to CompEd Day 2!


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