Stack Exchange for Computer Science Educators now in public beta!

TweetSmallA Stack Exchange site for Computer Science Educators went to public beta yesterday. Stack Exchange beta phases last at least 90 days, during which the powers that be keep an eye on key stats to decide if the site shows viability. The Stack Exchange Area 51 site where the stats mentioned below are continuously updated can be found here. Currently some of the stats are very good: 98% of questions answered (90% considered healthy); answer ratio 3.4 (2.5 considered good). However, other stats need some help: 4.1 questions/day (10 is average); 111 visits/day (1,500 considered good). Additionally, the site is in need of users with high Stack Exchange reputations.

It may be summer, but September is, well, you know. Why not spend a few minutes browsing, asking and answering?

Some of the interesting questions currently trending include:

Browse the complete list of questions, or popular tags. Help answer unanswered questions.


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