Party like it’s 2018: Computer Science to be offered in Irish secondary curriculum in 2018, not 2019

Two months ago I wrote about news reporting that Computer Science was to be offered in Irish secondary curriculum by 2019. So I was a bit surprised (but after living in Ireland for the best part of 17 years not entirely surprised) when I read this week that Computer Science is to be offered in Irish Secondary schools next year!

According to the Irish Times, this decision is being driven in order to address the skills gap (that has been around for a long time), and that coding* is to be on new primary mathematics curriculum.

The Irish Government Action Plan for Education 2017 published on February 6 states under the heading Technology in Education:

Implementation of computer science leaving cert subject brought forward 12 months to September 2018; development of computational thinking and coding through new maths curriculum at primary; new advisory group led by industry and experts to develop new plans for greater use of technology in education.

* I really prefer the word programming, in just about every context…